Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Times They be a Changing

I came across a website which overlays house tax and sales data onto aerial maps ( When I put our address in, I was surprised to see that the aerial photos could be viewed from the north, south, east and west. The photos appear to have been taken just a few months after we moved into the house. I can see the original location of the arbor. I have since rebuilt it and moved it across the yard. The birdbath was also moved over by the east side of the yard. The barn still had missing siding and missing glazing. The south-eastern side of the yard once held a double-wide trailer. The footings are visible in the photo, but you can see the large dump truck bringing clean fill in. This part of the yard is now a large grassy area. Lot of changes since we have been here. There will be more . . .

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