Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's a Well!

And the answer is . . .

35 feet!

The well is dug and it is running clean. Geologically, the area here is glacial moraine. The drillers found gravel all the way down. There are hills right across the street and on the other side of the creek, so they were worried that they may hit rock ledges. Luckily, the pounding went easy.

The well drillers were able to pump 10 gpm for 2 hours with no problem. The drillers have capped the well for now. They will be back in the next few weeks to trench the line to the house and run the plumbing and power.

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~ RM said...

oooh! Exciting! Soon you'll have your own water source and you can tell the city where to go! haha~ they sure will miss you guys when they are broke and the inner city water lines are in disrepair. Too bad, so sad.

Come on in folks, the water's fine....