Sunday, November 1, 2009

The New Man Cave


General Workshop Layout

As promised, I moved my workshop from the main barn into the second floor of the old milk shed. I am really happy with this space. It gets a lot of light, it is not too big, and the new flooring is smooth and easier to sweep than the old barn floor.

I moved the work benches to the new space, ran the power, set up the tools, and arranged my tools.

I enter the workshop from the first level of the milk shed. Though bringing wood up from the first level could be cumbersome, there is a door from the main barn that is perfect to bring raw material into the workshop.

Work Area with Access to the Barn through the White Door at the Left

Unlike the main barn the space is smaller and gets a lot of light. It will be much warmer. It is not heated, but a kerosene heater is perfect to warm it for work in the winter. It has great views of the creek and the driveway.

Creek View

Driveway View Looking to the South

I already have plans to build a few woodworking tools (a shaving bench, spring-pole lathe). I hope to start on a few fun projects soon (I always wanted to do some decoy carving, and I need to think about a doll house for my granddaughter!).

It has been a lot of work to get this space ready, but I am very happy with the results. I hope I make good use of it.


Carole said...

Looks good Uncle Tractor!

~ RM said...

Man, that shop looks great! I wish I lived nearby, I would love to do a few projects there!