Saturday, November 28, 2009

Primitive Decoys

We visited family in Southern Maryland this Thanksgiving. I stopped by historic St. Mary's City to look around and visit the gift shop at Farthing's Ordinary (an ordinary was a public house). St. Mary's city was settled in 1636. The historic city is a recreation of the original colonial city which is run by St. Mary's College. It is an active archeological site. There was a lot of history here. We love these type of historic villages (more on some of the places we visited in a later post).

I was looking for books on old barns and structures, woodcrafts, etc. in the gift shop. I came across some folk art primitive decoys. They had a variety of duck carvings, some geese, and a merganser-like bird. They were very simple, and still had some remnants of the bark on the bodies to suggest wing feathers. My mother-in-law had had some trees taken down to clear the woods by her driveway. I grabbed a few pieces of the green hardwood for a few projects. One will be a primitive decoy. Wish me luck.

By the way - one of my draw knives came in! I can start to use my shaving bench now!

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~ RM said...

AHhh!! I love those decoys! I can't wait to see the one you make! (Did I mention I would LOVE to start collecting these?? Too bad a lot of them start in the 80's and go up from there...)
I love St. Mary's City- It's so neat... We used to go to this ice cream shop there and visit the Civil War-era cememtaries. Weird, I know... Gravestones and soft serve, but we did it anyway.