Monday, May 28, 2012

Feeling Blue

Well - not really!

It's been a great Memorial Day weekend. I've been off from work for 4 days.  Barbecues, fishing, friends, family, and time in the garden.

The gardens and wildflowers are in their 'blue' phase.  The vibrant oranges and yellows will be here soon.

Okay, maybe these are more pink (or mauve,or lilac..)!

The new salvia in the White Garden is doing well.

The large irises are really doing well this year.

Our rhododendrons are at peak.

The lonely azalea has never looked better (I need to move it away from the holly bushes!).

The late-blooming GIANT lilac was resplendent!

I really like the Dame's Rocket (it changes from white to pink to purple)!  What a great wildflower!  I let great swaths of it have its way in the yard!

Embrace the blue / pink / purple / lilac / mauve!


Holly Knott said...

Dame's Rocket is awesome!! We have some in our woods that aren't very visible from the house or yard, and I wish they were. I also wish they bloomed longer!

Uncle Tractor said...

They are very invasive. We have it in droves down in the south of the Finger Lakes. It loves sunny areas by the side of the roads and fields. We wish the knotweed was gone - I'd take the Dame's Rocket anytime over it. It tends to get spindly in the summer. Still, it is a beautiful wildflower for late Spring. Thanks for visiting!

nancy said...

and those lilacs on the tree/bush smelled so delicious! :)