Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yard Work

We had snow 2 weeks ago.  Temperatures were in the low 20's just a week ago.  I had been away on vacation, and came back to a yard which was in much need of mowing and weeding.

I started by weeding the shade garden.  A lot of grass, dandelions, and maple seedling had taken root.  I pulled a wheelbarrow full of weeds out.  I am glad to see my single trillium was back.  There appears to be a small second plant at its base!  Can't wait to see if it is a second trillium.  Maybe it will bloom this year.

I knocked back a lot of weeds in the white garden and by the compost bins.  There were a lot of fallen branched about.  I then spent a few hours mowing . . .

A little over a week ago it was cold.  Many of the trees were not in leaf.  Now, most of the trees are in leaf. The lilacs are also starting to come out.

It took me six hours to weed and mow.  Some do not like yard work, but I find it relaxing.  Do you like yard work?


Holly Knott said...

I don't mind the yard work, but when a new set of different weeds appears a week or so later, it irks me! Pulling up ground ivy here, and next the crabgrass will be prolific! Keep us posted on that trillium.

Uncle Tractor said...

Thanks. I have been watching this lone trillium for 5 years now. I hope it spreads - but I know it can takes years!