Sunday, June 3, 2012


After the flooding last fall, most of the boat launches near us on the Susquehanna River were closed.  They just reopened a few weeks ago.  It was a cloudy morning, but I decided to paddle on the Susquehanna.

I put in by Hickories Park in Owego.  Much of the park is still being repaired after the flood, but the boat ramp and parking were fine.

The flooing last fall was incredible.  I was parked over 10 feet above the river.  The sign by my car showed the height of the flood waters.  The 2011 flooding was over the 100 year level!

The river was calm, and it looked like the clouds were going to go away.  The air was still.  It was quiet and peaceful.

Some of the houses on the river are still in shambles.  I am surprised that many of these homes are repaired and in use.

There are huge tracts on knotweed along the rivers.  Knotweed loves wet, sunny areas.

There was not much wildlife.  I saw a female mallard of in the distance.  Being a larger river, it is hard to just round a corner and come across wildlife.

The force of last year's flood was obvious by the debris scattered on the islands.

 It was a short paddle.  The skies started to grow darker.  Rain was coming.  That doesn't bother me much (I am in a boat already).  My biggest concern was the chance of thundershowers.  I rounded the large island just east of the park, and headed back to the launch.  About 2 miles to go back.

There were small animals about.  Squirrels and blackbirds were all about.

I saw a female red-headed merganser on the shore.  She was waiting for me to pass by.

The rain came. It was coming down steady.  I was doing a little fishing, but nothing was biting.  The wind was coming up.  I was getting cold and wet.  Time to head back.

Splashing Raindrops

It was nice to get back on the Susquehanna again.  I need to get a long paddle in soon.

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nancy said...

the orange feet on that merganzer looks like she has boots on! ha ha.