Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We weathered the remnants of Hurricane Irene.  The creek came up a little, but there was no flooding.  The ground is now soaked, and our grass hasn't been mowed in weeks.

We decided to do some remodeling this weekend.  It was hot and muggy.  I painted the master bedroom and living room ceiling and ripped out the old carpeting in the master bedroom.  We picked up some new laminate flooring which I'll install in a few weeks.  By Sunday evening we were tired.  We went out to dinner.  On the way home the temperature started to drop.  A few rain showers came through.  Mists swirled around the mountains.

We painted the master bedroom on Monday.  It had rained all night and all through the day.  By Tuesday the rain eased up.  I got a little yard work in (turned the compost piles, weeded, trimmed brush), and we hauled the old carpet to the dump.

The remnants of tropical storm Lee came in late Tuesday evening.  It has dumped inches of rain.  The creek overflowed its bank and flooded the eastern part of the yard.  The house is okay, but we expect to have a little water in the garage and the barn.  Luckily we have most of our stuff on pallets and only shovels and garden tools in the first level of the barn.  At most we got an inch of water in a few places.

The water level is already dropping, but we still expect a few more inches of rain overnight.  Looks like we will have more cleanup to do next weekend.  A few of our neighbors have many inches of water in their basements.  Given the fact we have a stone foundation and a dirt floor in our basement, we'll have to run the dehumidifier to keep the dampness down.

We are lucky.  This is minor flooding.  I think about the people affected by Katrina, or the recent flooding caused by Irene.  Nature is dispassionate.

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Diane Macrae said...

Wow, that's crazy! And more water coming....

Look at this video on my FB page, it's the falls at Watkins Glen