Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Approaching Autumn

It was a beautiful, fall-like morning.  The morning temperatures were around 45 degF.  The winds were light and from the north-east.

I set out from Kingsland Bay and was planning to cross the lake and head to the Palisades.  Once on the broad lake, I decided to head back to the Vermont side and paddle into Porter Bay.  I had never paddled Porter Bay - I was hoping to see some wildlife.

Autumn is coming fast.  Much of the bird life is disappearing.  Canada geese are still about . . .

. . . as are the cormorants.

The swamp maples are really starting to change.

Off in the distance, I saw a large bird on the shoreline.  It was a young bald eagle.  I was lucky to snap one photo.

I wanted to follow the eagle as is flew off to the east deep into the bay.  Porter Bay is weedy.  Though the lake is a little higher after all the rains we have had over the last few weeks, I could not follow.

The osprey are now gone.  It will be 6 months before the nests will be occupied.

There were a few open passages into the bay.  You never know what you'll find in the weeds.

Peaceful . . .

Off in the distance, I saw great blue heron flying about.  They will stay around for a while, but will fly away as the cold weather closes in.

At this time of year, the boat traffic decreases.

The camps and large lakefront homes will soon be quiet . . .

As I paddled back, I saw Mount Mansfield off in the distance.  In a few months the ski resorts will be in full operation all about the Green Mountains.

One of the first to appear, and one of the last to leave, the mergansers are still about.

Autumn is on its way.

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~ Regan said...

Wow, I can already see the leaves starting to change color... Won't be long now!

Come on, Fall!! :)