Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On this Veteran's Day, I thought I'd take a few minutes to thanks those who have helped to keep us safe.

My Son-in-Law

My Dad

My Father-in-Law

My wife and I are very proud of these guys.  Please take a moment to remember your family, friends, and neighbors.


Anonymous said...

brings tears to my eyes, Bob. :) all three are great guys and all three mean the world to me! thank you Daddy-Bud, Grandpa Lloyd and to Bob, our son in law, for your service to our country.

and for all the service men and women out there, and we have many in our immediate family--a big thank you too!


~ Regan said...

How sweet! (and what a handsome fella up there in the first picture! ;) )

Love you, dad!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dad! I appreciate the patriotism,and I agree with the other comment, that guy on top is handsome!