Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Smell A Conspiracy...

I was about the yard doing some cleanup. I raked out the shade garden and few other flower beds, moved some old annuals to the compost bins, dropped the mower deck from the tractor and put on the snow plow blade, wheel weights and chains.

While I was working by the shade garden, I noticed a lot of spruce bough tips about the yard.  We are not talking just a few, but dozens and dozens and dozens.  I've raked them up several times already.

Yeah, I know branches and boughs fall of the trees from time to time, but I think the varmints are up to something.

A few years ago we had dozens of spruce cones piled up against 2 of the spruce trees in the front yard.  It seemed very unnatural.  A pile of cones right at the base of 2 trees (not all the trees - just 2 of them) - and only on the south side of the trees mind you!  Well, that year we ended up having a family of red squirrels in our basement.  The cones were a food stash they had created.

Now, I see tons of spruce tips about.  I sense the varmints are up to something . . . but what?

Ideas anyone?


~ Regan said...

Aw... Let the squirrles be! ;) Let them make their play-forts and such! lol... Besides, you got new windows and all right? I bet they are still just trying to cover up some food, better leave it alone so they wont starve during this winter- I heard its going to be a bad one!

Pattie said...

Your basement must be very inviting! But, be warned, they chew STUFF! They're cute and all but if they chew your wires, that could mean a fire. Hey, I'm a poet and don't even know it! 8>)

Uncle Tractor said...

We had a small opening in the foundation (we have a stone foundation in our old farm house). A family of red squirrels got in and decided to make home there. I filled in the crack, and trapped 3 of them. You could see where the were bringing the cones in for food. The following spring, we found 2 dead squirrels in the basement (I suppose I cut them off from their food - so sorry).

I might be paranoid - but that doesn't mean the varmints aren't up to something again! :)

Simplifying in the South said...

I say the squirrels are at it again! The most disturbing thing about your post though was the mention of a snow plow blade. Brrrr! Even the thought of snow makes me want a fruity drink on the beach.