Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've Been Tagged

Mr. Simpleton from Living a Simple Life blog posted a list of things he wished he could do.  Surprisingly, we had a lot of common wishes.  He challenged a number of his readers to post their list (this included me).  So...

I accept his request!

My List:

Learn to blacksmith
Get proficient in making wood block prints
Sculpt something in stone
Make a doll house for my granddaughter
Recognize more than 8 types of ducks and waterfowl
Grow cilantro so that it doesn't bolt and go to seed
Know the constellations
Know more about mushrooms
Make beer

Mr. Simpleton had a number of items on his list that I also would like to learn, including:

Learn a foreign language (French, Italian or German are at the top of the list)
Know all plants (including weeds) in the area
Wilderness survival

If you want to learn some old-time knowledge, I recommend the Foxfire books.  They have recently been reprinted, but you can find them used.

(Though I want to learn all this stuff, you have to leave some stuff so you always have a goal for the future).

I now tag the following people to post their lists...

Regan at A Day in the Life
Mountain Woman at Red Pine Mountain
Ga Farm Woman at Life on a Southern Farm

Keep it going!


The Rips said...

I found your blog from Mr. Simpleton's wish list. It's such a small world, I live down the road from your favorite auction house!

Leigh said...

Hi. I got tagged by Mr. Simpleton too and have been enjoying visiting all the blogs he listed. You have a great list. I'm still thinking about mine. :)

Uncle Tractor said...

Rips - You must live near Candor. I live in Newark Valley. It is a small world. I'll make sure I follow your blog.

Leigh - Thanks for stopping by. I'd like to see your list!

Mr. Simpleton said...

Oh, I came so close to tagging GA Farm Woman too. I love the Life on a Southern Farm blog. If I had half the skills her husband has I'd be in hog heaven.

Thanks for taking the baton!

~ Regan said...

well, Dad.. What can I say?? I have a rolling list of things on my 'To Do' List, most of which are brand spanking new to me. Stop over tomorrow, Ill have that list posted! ;)

Simplifying in the South said...

Love the list! Especially the one about sculpting. So excited to have discovered your blog and look forward to future readings!

Uncle Tractor said...

Regan - I can't wait to see your list.

Laura - I also look forward to following your blog. Welcome!