Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tools and Toys

We  did some antiquing the last few days, and I found a few items of note.  I picked up a couple of wooden clamps (16" opening).  They weren't antiques, but the price was right ($35 for 2, retail is usually over $25 each).  We picked up a Coca Cola sign (~ 48" x 18").  It was probably made in the last 20 years or so.  It wasn't enameled, but the read and white paint scheme will look great on the barn (only $20).  I'll post a picture later after we get it on the barn.

The most interesting find was a wooden bar clamp.  There were 4 for sale.  I just picked up 1.  It is about 5 feet long.  It would have been used for clamping larger furniture pieces and tabletops.  I really liked the wooden screw.

We had small 'bird house' we got an an auction (actually, it was shoved in a crock we bought - it came free).  I had a spare stair spindle from another project, so I made another decorative bird house to put over in the side garden (I sometime call it the white garden as we have other white items there mixed in with the wildflowers).  I gave it a couple of coats of paint.

We picked up a child's ironing board.  We will touch up the paint.  It didn't have an iron, so I whipped up one.  It too will need to get painted.  I hope our granddaughter will like it.  I am pretty sure she will!


~ Regan said...

I love the birdhouse!! I really really want one (or a trio!) to have in the backyard. Although I love the look of it on a baluster, I think I need to have it on something much higher for the birds to safely eat (with out two furry hunters jumping up after them!)

You know your granddaughter will love that ironing board! And the iron you made is perfect!! I need to figur out how to organize all these toys of hers! ;) I'm thinking of putting up an open shelving system downstairs in her playroom...

Uncle Tractor said...

These birdhouses are really small and just decorative. If you want some protection for birds, bushes along the fence line would give them protection while keeping the dogs at bay.

Everett said...

That wooden bar clamp (I thought it was a jack of some sort) is really neat. Great find!

Uncle Tractor said...

The bar clamp was from an Amish craftsman. I understood it is nearly 100 years old. Surprisingly, it is in great shape. I'll find a use for it.