Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow, Snow Everywhere - and Not a Drop to Drink!

The last few weeks have been pretty awful.  The wife suffered with a head cold and sinus infection in early January.  I've had a chest cold the last 10 days (the wife also got that).  Between the hacking and sneezing, we have had a lot of snow.

These aren't record accumulations.  Rather, it seems we get a few inches ever other day.  It doesn't melt.  I have had to resort to plowing the driveway clear, but using the snow blower to throw the snow over the mounds.

It hasn't helped I have a chest cold.  Shoveling and breathing the frigid air leaves me coughing.  I'd love to take a long, hot, steamy shower, but the cold conditions have not been good for the well.  There does not appear to be enough melt-water to keep the aquifer filling at the right rate.  We have been running out of water every few days.  We keep buckets scattered about the bathroom and kitchen so we can flush toilets, have several large pots of clean water by the stove for cooking, and are doing quick wet-wash-wet showers.  The routine is getting old.  The wife has to take all the laundry to the laundromat, and washing with cold water just is tiresome.

The well driller has been real busy - we aren't the only ones with low water levels (many have frozen lines!).

We finally got a call this week that he can re-drill the well.  Of course, he said we'd have to wait for the snow to melt a little!

What!  Why?  He tells me that the snow mounds by the side of the road to too deep to get the equipment it.

Hang my chest cold!  I got out the show blower, dropped the feet, and cleaned off the front yard.  I then moved the snow banks.  For good measure I called the town road crew to push the banks back even more (they tend to push all the snow onto our property),

The drilling rig is now onsite.  We hope to get the well re-drilled this week.  You don't realize how much you take your water for granted!

We expect more snow in a few days.  Usually, I look forward to it.  But with my poor health,  I just stay inside - no skiing or snow shoeing.

I guess I can dream about the summer!

Stay Warm and Safe!

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