Saturday, March 15, 2014


The last few months have brought a dry well, a pellet stove on the fritz, and my third cold in as many months.  And top it off, record cold temperatures.

The well driller was able to finally get in and drop our well another 30 feet.  Finally, dependable water!

We had to let it run a while to get the sediment down and let it get clear.  We were getting 14 gallons a minute.  Excellent.  

Of course, the front yard is a mess with the excavation and mud and clay all about.  Once we get a good thaw and the yard dries out I will be out to shovel up the muck. 

The temperatures have come up quite a bit.  I think the back of winter is broken.  I've seen starling and blackbirds.  I hear the robins, but have not seem any yet.  The redwing blackbirds aren't far away now.

We went to the hardware store.  We couldn't help picking up some seeds.  I expect to be in the gardens in a month getting the beds ready for this season!

Oops!  I spoke to soon.  We had a quick coating of graupel, but it melted away.  The weather will be very changeable as we start to move into Spring.

And finally, the parts finally came in and our stove is fixed.  

 I hope we have recovered.  I am looking forward to Spring!

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