Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deep Winter

It has been quite cold the last several weeks.  Memory is fickle, but I think we have been colder this winter than the last few years.  It's a deep cold.

The yard is a collection of tracks.  Some are people (mine and the wife's), but most are rabbit, squirrel, and deer.  The deer move through the yard, up from the creek out across the street.  I see their track up the ridge over to Spook Hill.  I don't usually see a lot of deer track this early in the winter, but the numbers seem quite high.  They are going up to the holly bushes and over to the bird feeder.  This is the pattern we see in late February.  I wonder if it will be a hard winter for the wildlife.

It has been a hard winter for equipment.  The wife had a dead battery, and our well pump froze up for a short time!

We get a few inches per week, but not enough to really enjoy snow shoeing or cross country skiing.

Oh well, might as well stay inside and enjoy a warm glass of glogg!

Stay warm!

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