Monday, April 15, 2013

The Gardens are Going!

I'm back from a long business trip in Germany.  It was cold there.  It seems spring was as slow to come there as well as here.

Yesterday, I wanted to get some work done in the garden.  I decided to move some soil into one of the new raised beds so I could get the potatoes in.  We had snow flakes coming down while I was working.  Crazy!

The weather changed overnight, and it was beautiful and warm today.  I decided to turn over half the raised beds and put in the cold-tolerant plants.

I put in potatoes and carrots.  The garlic I planted last fall is coming in well!

The rhubarb is starting to come in.

We also planted our green beans, snap peas, kale and scallions.  I was happy to see the spinach I planted last fall made it through the winter and was coming in nicely.  We might have some fresh spinach in a few weeks!

The perennials are sprouting.  The daffodils and bleeding hearts are coming in.  Some of the hostas are also emerging!

Spring is coming in fast.  It is about time!

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