Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring has Arrived

The week started unsettled.  One minute it was sunny with a few sprinkles, next we had snow showers!

Even after the cold snow showers, I knew spring had arrived.  I saw worms squirming around the next morning.

That must be one reason the robins have come back!

The warm weather has found me out and about the yard.  There have been piles of sand and dirt by the driveway from the winter plows to be cleared, lots of fallen sticks about, remnants of snow to shovel off the decks.

We decided to expand the garden.  I put in more raised beds.  We also decided to put weed cloth all around the beds (more on that in a later post).  We'll have 2 beds for potatoes, a bed for garlic and carrots, 1 bed for basil, 4 beds for tomatoes, 2 beds for beans, spinach and kale, 1 bed for herbs, and a bed for chili peppers.

I moved the last of the wood pellets inside.  Our days of running the pellet stove are numbered.

It felt so good to be outside.  After several hours of work, I was tired. I sat by the creek for an hour enjoying the sun and watching the birds.

Welcome Spring!

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Carole said...

You have to love this warmer weather, if only briefly!