Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Progress

The gardens are really starting to come alive.  We have had great weather, and I have made the most of it.  I decided to replace the old arbor.  It was very rotted and had been pretty chewed up by carpenter ants.  I pulled out the silvery lace clematis and put in a smaller arbor.  We'll put is a new clematis soon.

I moved 2 yards of soil into the new beds.  These larger beds are for tomatoes.  The tomatoes and other warm weather plants will be going in the ground in a few weeks (still on the lookout for frost in these parts)!

The spinach I put in last fall made it through the winter fine.  We'll be harvesting some this weekend!

The kale has sprouted. So have the onions, carrots, sugar snap peas, and a few potatoes.  The green beans are very slow to emerge.  Time to start thinning some seedlings!

The trees are really starting to leaf.  Beautiful.

For those who follow my feeble adventures in the garden, you might remember that I pamper a lone trillium.  We have been caring for a single plant in the shade garden.  It is back this year - and it looks like it will bloom!  Wow - it took us 6 years to get to this state!

I'll do a little soil amendment work to some of the vegetable beds, break bead on weeding, mow the yard again, and finish the deer fence around the vegetable beds (we had a little problem with the deer last year - I hope the deer fence we use will work).

I hope you get outside and enjoy your gardens!

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