Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red and White

We spent the last few days visiting our daughter and her family in Indiana.  The drive out there took us through rolling hills and farmland across New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.  A good opportunity for some casual barn spotting.

I was amazed at the differences in the barns in Ohio and Indiana.  Most of our barns are red, though there are a few white ones, like this beauty which is about 5 miles from our place -

This white barn is found in Ohio (isn't it obvious!).  A classic gambrel-roofed barn.  I like the state pride the owner demonstrates!

More white barns . . .

This is not to say that red barns weren't around.

Though most of the red barns were older, there were some new ones.

There was a trim detail on many of the older barns I noticed.  Here are two examples that have it.

Do you see it?

If you look closely at the doors, you find that they are trimmed in a circular white pattern like a Paladium window.  I have never seen this here in New York!

It seems the white barns in Ohio and Indiana where typically newer than the red ones. I wonder if new manufacturing methods drove the greater availability of white paint?

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~ Regan said...

There's one as youre driving into Indiana that has the Marine EGA painted on it... I have always wanted to pull over and snap a pic of it for the Hubs.