Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Ready

We have had cold temperatures and snow flurries the last few days.  The winterizing chores are done, and we look to the holidays and the winter.

All is quiet around the yard.  I hear the the calls of Chickadees in the trees.  All is still . . .

Like clockwork, we put up our Christmas Tree.  It is an old family tradition to put up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Hundreds of ornaments, each with a memory and a story.

Most of our holiday shopping is done (we hate the crowds at the mall).

Now to start on the Christmas cards . . .


~ Regan said...

The tree looks good Dad! I can still see bits of tree through all the ornaments.... maybe you will get a few more for Christmas ;)

Finally got the computer up and running. Can you believe this whole time all it needed was a $30 power supply? Easy Peasy!

Uncle Tractor said...

So glad you fixed your PC. I wish you and the little one were here to decorate the tree!