Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yellow and White

With the end of summer, the flowers are starting to fade.  The gardens are starting to die back.  Most of the flowers are white or yellow.

The rains have started to return.  The creek is up (one year ago the creek had overrun its banks!).

I like the jewelweed.

The knotweed is at the peak of its flowering!

Last week, the black-eyed susans were at peak.  They are starting to die back.  I'll be collecting the seeds soon.

The sedum are at peak.  This one is from a cutting that is nearly 100 years old.

The silver-lace clematis is at peak.  We like the looks of it on the arbor.

I was surprised to see some stella dora lilies flowering.  It was a very hot summer - these must have been lazier flowers!

Though they are not everyone's favorite, I like the goldenrod!

Soon the yellow and white will be replaced by the reds, yellows and golds of autumn!

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