Saturday, September 15, 2012

Changing Seasons

The leaves are starting to drop from the maples.  The mornings are much cooler, and the morning dew that much colder on bare feet.

A cold front pushed rapidly through at dusk.  You could see the clouds massing to the northwest.

The front pushed through quickly.  It brought a line of strong winds and rain.  We looked forward to the sound of the rain.

The winds came up and made the trees sway.  I'll look to see if we had any fallen branches for the woodpile.

In just a few minutes, the temperature fell a few degrees.  The setting sun and thickening clouds brought on the darkness very suddenly.

The sound of the wind and rain was relaxing.  I had a long week of travel for work.  It was soothing to be back home, safe, around familiar surroundings.

Looking forward to the change of seasons . . .

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