Sunday, March 18, 2012

Humans 3, Varmints 0

If you frequent this blog, you know I constantly have to thwart the attempts of various varmints to make a home where I don't want them.

It might be hornets.  We had a big nest under the porch roof last year.

I've had to put bird netting up to stop them from nesting under the porch roof.

The warm spring weather has let me get out and do some much-needed yard-work.  It has also signaled the starlings to be on the lookout for new nesting sites.  You need to pay attention.  Look to see if they are perched in unexpected areas.  Do you see them flying with grass or twigs?  Watch to see where they go.

I found three places I had to cover with metal flashing on the house and barn.  The starlings were trying to make new nests!

I won the battle today, but the war continues . . .

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Holly Knott said...

YES!!! We had that same papery round nest last year, too, and hubby thinks it was hornets. Under our garage roof eaves over part of our garden. Fascinating to see that over winter, some birds totally destroyed it (grabbing the larvae, I am guessing). Didn't realize chicken wire would help prevent them. I would think they'd just make the nest beyond it to fit whatever space they can. We, too, had the early spring; two weeks in the 70s, then freezing temps over and over, and snow (a little). total craziness. I am glad my job is not dependent on mother nature. Wondering how the many apple orchard owners have fared. Not good at all. Love your raised beds. I hope that helps keep weeds out, too.