Saturday, March 3, 2012

Early Spring

It has been a very mild winter.  I haven't used the new snow blower, and I only plowed the driveway twice.  Even then, we only got a few inches of snow.

Last year we had a lot of snow . . .

. . . as we did two years ago!

This year there are just a few piles on snow by the barn.

I checked by the rock wall near the barn, and the daffodils are starting to push up.  They should be emerging in a few weeks.

I went cycling today, and heard the call of red wing blackbirds.  I was lucky to see one displaying. I also heard robins, though I haven't seen any yet.

I am sure we will get more snow - maybe even a significant storm.  But you know spring has arrived when the red wing blackbirds appear!

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