Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Day Unfolds

I have taken the day off from work.  My sister is coming to visit us over the weekend.  We really look forward to her company.  I'm going to get the yard work done so we can psend more time together.  It is expected to be a hot weekend, so getting it done today is also a good idea.  We'll sit back, drink some wine, make a few pizzas, and enjoy the evening.  I might make a fire in the chimenea, and we can watch the day come to a close.  Tomorrow we'll take it easy, and go out to one of our favorite Tapas restaurants.  (Okay, one other reason is that the Tour de France starts tomorrow.  I don't watch many sports on television, but bicycle racing is my favorite sport.  I amazes me to see these superb athletes ride one average 100 miles per days for 3 weeks.  Gotta get the yard work out of the way!)

The list of chores is not too long.  I opened up the barn to let it air out. I have already been out staking the tomatoes.  I need to keep tieing them to their stakes at they get taller.  Our plants have set fruit this week.  In our cooler climate, we won't be picking tomatoes until mid-August (how I sometimes envy our more southern friends for their early tomato crops). I'll mow the grass.  Luckily, we got a replacement battery for our Neuton electric mower.  We use it for trimming around the tight corners and small spaces we can't get the tractor into.  We bought the mower about 7 years ago.  Not practical for a big yard, but they work well for small yards.  No oil or gas to deal with.  They are quiet and lightweight.  I'll do some weeding of the white garden (it always needs it), and fertilize the tomatoes.  I should turn over the compost piles (one of the things I rarely do, but should).  I might knock down some knotweed (they never ending battle).

The grass was covered with dew as I was walking around the yard.  We live in a valley, and most mornings are foggy and cool.  As I was walking out to the creek, I could see the spider webs in the grass.  As the day warms up and the dew evaporates, the webs will become invisible.  I find it fascinating such creations are around us, but we can't see them.  As I mow the grass, the webs will be swept away.  Tomorrow morning, they will be back.  Amazing.

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