Saturday, July 3, 2010


Three years ago I bought a few trillium bulbs and planted them in the shade garden.  Nothing seemed to happen with them, and over the years I forgot about them.  Last night, we were walking around our property, showing my sister the gardens.  While looking at the shade garden, I noticed I had a trillium!  I hope it comes back over the years and spreads.  What a find.

I have seen a shed snake skin and glimpses of garter snakes by the tomato garden and in front of the barn near a rock border.  Today, I was able to get a few photos.  We then discovered a second snake just a few feet from the first one.  There is a small hole in the ground near the foundation of the barn.  I've seen a snake slithering into this hole.

I also discovered a large moth by the garage.  It is about 3 inched long.   Does anyone know what kind it is?

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~ Regan said...

Snnnnakes, huh?? Bet mom was super happy to hear you have those in your garden! ;)

Hope you have fun with Auntie Carole- tell her I said hi!

I had some fun today planting things... I I finally got some plants in containers for the front porch. I also cleaned up my Topsy Turvy's- they didn't hold up as well as I hoped they would, OH well.... I always liked digging in the dirt! :P

You guys missed a heck of a fireworks show here tonight!