Saturday, March 13, 2010


Spring is soon to come, and the outside projects are starting!

We found a contractor to put a new roof on the barn. They started this week due to the unusually warm March weather (it was nearly 50 degF - amazing we had 18 inches a snow just 2 week ago!). They got the purlins on the main roof barn, and are nearly finished on the east side of the main barn. They will then work on the single-story section over the gym. With the new roof, the barn work will be finished (for now)!

The well drillers are busy around the neighborhood. A number of our neighbors have followed our lead and getting wells drilled.

With the warm weather, the melting snow has brought the creeks and rivers up. Our creek is running high, but there is no worry about flooding.


~ Regan said...

For Now?? Haha, yeah right!! ;)

I can't tell from the pic, but is it a silver roof- or are you getting a color put on it? I'm so glad you went with metal- it's going to look so good!

Uncle Tractor said...

The roof is baked-on white enamel. The trim on the barn is white, so a white roof looks good. The painted metal is cheaper than the galvanized material. White is also good for reflecting heat and keeping the barn cooler - especially important for the gym area (its gets awfully hot in the summer!).