Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nice Weather

The last 3 days have been beautiful. I had Friday off from work. The wife andI decided to visit my sister,who also had the day off. I rode my bike out towards her place. My wife followed in the car. It was cold when I started, though I made good time. At about 22 miles, I headed into the wind and my speed dropped off. My wife had started out a few hours later and caught up with me at mile 44. I was glad to throw the bike on the rack and jump into the car to get out of the winds. After a quick shower at my sister's place, we all went for lunch. Italian - yum!

We headed home later in the afternoon and stopped by one of the local auction houses. We put a couple of absentee bids out for a bell (it had a tractor on it) and an old-fashion milk jug cooler for the porch. As we didn't hear anything, guess we didn't get them.

We came home and I did a little cleanup in the yard. The roofers had left 2 large pieces of roofing which I dragged into the barn. The new roof is done and it looks great.

New Metal Barn Roof

New Roof Over Gym

Saturday found me working in the yard. We spread some topsoil around the new well and where the crew dug out the old village water line. I hooked the roller to the tractor and smoothed out the soil and pushed down the tread marks from the heavy equipment. I did some raking, collected all the sticks from the yard, did some work on the barn gutters, and used some roll sheet metal to cover a hole the birds had made in the garage (pesky varmints)! I went for a 26 mile ride in the early afternoon. As it was nearly 60 degF, I did not wear any of my cold weather kit. It felt nice riding. I saw my first bluebird. What a nice ride. We fired up the grill and enjoyed the warmer weather.

Today I was lazy. I got a 32 mile ride in, but did not get out to the workshop to finish the gate leg table. It was just too nice to work inside. After my ride I grabbed a nap, and then went out to the creek to listen to the water and watch the birds. I noticed the daffodils were coming up. This warm weather (about 20 degF above normal) has really jump-started spring. We are headed back to normal temps and rain over the next few days. Next weekend will only be in the 40's. Oh well. . .

Enjoy the warmth while you can.


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