Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gate Leg Table - Part 2

So . . .

From my previous post, I had finished the basic frame elements. I attached the sides to the front and back rails. I then glued it together and clamped it. I also added corner braces at the top (these also serve as a place to screw the top into the frame) as well as several chair braces to the lower rail sections.

Corner Brace

The gate leg is constructed the same as the other sides, but only uses 2 rail sections and 1 spindle. Size the rail sections so that the gate leg assembly swings from the center but just clears the other spindles by 1/4".

Attach the gate leg using hinges at the rails.

Completed Frame w/ Gate Leg

I was going to make the top from oak - but the price of oak boards in ( approx 16 feet 12") would have been around $150! I opted for pre-glued pine sections (one 48" x 24" and one 48" x 18") which totaled around $40.

I cut the top and drop side to size and attached the top. I notched the top rail of the gate leg to pass over the hinges, then attached the hinges to the top and the drop side.

Notched Section of Top Gate Leg Rail

I need to sand the piece and stain it.

Completed Table

Table w/ Side Down

Overall, I am pretty happy with the piece. The spindles are a little long, so the piece is tall for a table, but it is the right height for a counter. This would be a good piece for a small kitchen to hold an appliance or two but still give you workspace when you pull up the drop side. I might shorten the legs a few inches. Only time will tell . . .


Sonia said...

Wow, that looks awesome..Love how you created it fro scratch!

~ Regan said...

Dad, that looks great!! Are you planning on staining it or painting it?

Uncle Tractor said...

Thanks everyone. Not quite from scratch as I did not turn the spindles myself, but I wanted to show you could make furniture without complex / expensive tools. I'll probably stain it.