Saturday, February 6, 2010

The New Addition

If you haven't guessed it, I found a treadle-powered sandstone grinding wheel. It is in good shape, and is a welcome addition for sharpening my tools. At a price of $75, I think it was a bargain. I haven't found a maker's mark on it. I am not sure when it was made. I assume it is early 20th century.

I sharpened my ax, scythe, hatchet, some wood carving tools, an iron from an old block plane, and a half-dozen kitchen knives. The large sandstone wheel spins at a nice rate. The material is not aggressive and gently cleans up a rough surface. It's large surface is great, and the dripping water keeps the wheel cool.

We also found a nice little doll carriage. I am sure our granddaughter will like it . . .

1 comment:

~ RM said...

Sweet! Love both of your antique finds! I think you got a great deal on the grinding wheel- it looks to be in very good condition.
I'm sure your granddaughter will love the carriage!! ;)