Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keeping Busy


It was a 'warm' and sunny day. The high is around 34 degF (1 degC). I went for a short (15 mile) bike ride up one of the local hills. The downhills were brutal as the wind felt like it was sucking the heat right out of you. I'd do it again in a heartbeat (once I warm up).

I opened up the jigsaw I got at the auction Friday. I found the speed control board looked like it has a burnt trace. The saw is a Freud FJ85 jigsaw. I got the parts list online. I'll call the customer support line see if I can get a new controller board. The saw sells for around $100 new. It is a 6 amp variable speed saw. If I can get a controller board cheap, it would have been a great investment.

I started on a gate leg table. My daughter pointed me to an approach for furniture making using pre-made stair spindles. Essentially, you use 1x3's and the spindles for the basic frame. I am using dowels to pin the basic frame together, but will mortise the gate leg assemblies together. The forstner bits I picked up at the auction worked great for drilling out the holes for the dowels. I'll post some photos as the project progresses.

I also added a few caps to the end of the axles for the doll carriage we got our granddaughter (it only had 1 hub cap). I touched them up with spray paint. It really helps to complete the carriage.

I'll hit the gate leg table hard next week. I should be able to get the frame together and get the drop-legs assembled and attached. Then I will need to work on the top and sides.


~ RM said...

Youre nuts!! I don't like being that cold at all! I think I might have lasted 1/15th of a mile, not 15 miles! lol

I can't wait to see your progress on that table. MAN, I wish we lived closer, I have a ton of projects I want to do, and I don't always have the tools to do them! (I may have to ship you a board, and ask that you cut two 5" circles out for me... I don't have the right saw to do it!)

Good luck fixing that jigsaw- hope that part is cheap!

Uncle Tractor said...

Looks like the board is $66. Way too much for an old saw. Oh well. I can cut the circle for you. What thickness? - Dad