Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brrrr ! ! !

Let's see. It's 10 degF (-12 degC) at 3:30 PM. About the warmest it will get today.

I worked out and then went to the workshop. It was very cold in the workshop. I lit the kerosene heater, but knew there was no way it would really warm the workshop up.

I bought bandsaw recently and had some more setup to do on it. I had to adjust the thrust bearings and blade tension. I also squared the table. I then tried out some hardwood dowels I recently bought on the pole lathe. They worked great. I now know that I can turn some hardwood for projects (I can't get greenwood real easily).

After being in the workshop about 45 minutes, I found myself running over to the heater to warm up. I looked at the thermometer - it was only 24 degF in the workshop. It was too cold to keep working. Time to go in.

We had some more snow, so I has to plow the driveway again. Brrrr ! ! !

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