Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year!

We awoke to a few inches of new snow. Didn't stop us from going to an antique action in a nearby town. It is a big auction house. They had ~ 1200 lots for sale. They run 2 auctions simultaneously. The outdoor auction is mostly 'project' furniture, old tools, farm-related items, and sporting goods. The inside auction is the better furniture, toys, china, rugs, pictures, and other collectibles.

I had my eye of a cast iron bistro table and 2 chairs. The chairs were in good shape, though the table was a little wobbly. I went as high as $30. It sold for $50. I also bid on a box of planes. There were six in the lot. One was missing it's iron, one had a busted handle, 2 were regular metal planes. I went as high as $30, but they ultimately went for $60. We saw some large crocks. They had a plain 5 gallon one that no one bid on. The minimum bid was $10. The wife is kicking herself for not jumping on it. There were a few with blue decorations on them. We did bid on them, but would not go as high as the final price (around $50).

We did see a 5-piece outdoor metal table and chair set. I had my eye on the bistro set which came up later. The 5-piece set went for $20. What a bargain.

I did walk away with a box of assorted stuff (as I always say, 'One man's trash is another man's garbage!). It had 3 ice tongs, a hacksaw, a pump head and a couple of C-clamps. I wanted the pump head to put on top of the new well head (it won't we a working pump, but it will look better than a hunk or iron pipe sticking out of the ground!). I got them for $15.

We decided to leave after a few hours. The inside auction had a long way to go. We put a absentee bid on a large (~ 20 inch) wooden bowl. I am sure we won't get it (we bid $75, but I think it will fetch a lot more than that). If we get it I'll post a picture of it.

We've gone to this auction house before (it is where I picked up by scythe). We'll have to pay more attention to this auction house as it is local and they post teaser pictures on the web. It was a fun way to spend a few hours.


~ RM said...

oOooh!!! I want to go!!!

Boy, I have some good ideas for gifts for your two now! I can't WAIT until you visit again. I never got the chance to take you to my 'junk' shop. You would be there for hours discovering old stuff!

Uncle Tractor said...

RM - There is an auction here when you here to visit. It looks like there are 2 auctions at once, so the outside auction with the 'projects' and 'man junque' will be going on. This is the one where you can find tools, fixit furniture, etc. Maybe we can drop in. Doesn't cost anything! Heck, you never know what you will find. I'll send you the link to the website once they post some photos. - Dad