Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lost and Found

I seem to spend all my weekends doing yard work.  I've been delinquent with my posts.  Having two homes means I have twice the yard work.  Mowing, trimming, raking, planting, etc.

I spent some time by our river house transplanting plants.  Daffodils and irises have been moved about.  As this property is new to us, I am not sure what else will come up.

The daffodils by the river house are in full bloom.

I was surprised to come across a large group of yellow trout lilies.  They are in a part of the yard that is kept more wild (i.e., not organized and difficult to mow).  These were a nice surprise.

The best yards are not just big expanses of lawn and turf.  They need quite spots where one can find unexpected groupings and a mix of plants and textures.

Back around the farm, Spring is coming later (the farm is at a higher altitude).  We even had snow flurries last weekend.  I did rake out the gardens, remove the plow blade and put on the mower deck, and trimmed a few plants.  The daffodils have not bloomed yet, though the tiger lilies and peonies are emerging.

Sadly, my one lone trillium hasn't emerged.  I keep watching for it, but I don't see any sign of it.

To my amazement, we have a large group of trilliums at the river house!

I lost one old friend, but found many more!


This post was originally published on May 2nd.  Today (May 4th), I found that the single trillium at the farm house has indeed emerged.

I have been nurturing this plant for over 8 years.  They usually flower around Mother's Day.  I hope it will finally bloom!  Lost, but found again!

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