Monday, May 4, 2015

Blue Heron Project

I have been working on a small project these last few months - a blue heron statue / carving.

I started with a good photo of a great blue heron.  From it, I sketched the outline of the heron (to full scale).

I transferred the outline to a large board.

I composed the heron in three parts - one being the basic body, neck and head with the other two identical wing and body parts.

Once cut out with a jigsaw, I had a general form of the great blue heron.

I screwed the wing sections on each side of the main body, and then drilled two holes in the base to support legs (the legs are simple 2 foot sections of rebar.

A little sanding, and I have a statue of a great blue heron to place by the water.  Next step - time to paint!

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