Sunday, October 19, 2014

Still Busy

Work, travel, autumn chores.  It never seems to stop.

Leaf color has peaked, and most of the leaves have fallen off our trees.  We had a strong storm and push through a few weeks ago.  It seems like all the leaves came down at once. I spent the better part of a day raking.  I cleaned out some of the gutters, but need to get the big ladder out and do the gutters on the second story of the old farm house.

I still see bees busily collecting nectar, but the hive in the wall of the barn has gone quiet.

We decided to move the garden beds.  The raised beds were made from modular cedar sections.

I was able to lift and disassemble the beds quite easily.  I then had to rake out all the soil.

The soil was rich and crumbly.  It was full of healthy earthworms.  Seems a bit of a shame to spread good soil about, but we will just bring new soil in.  I wanted to get this done before it gets too cold so I can get some grass seed down.

The wife and I did get a chance to travel to Vermont for a little vacation.The farmers have a lot of work to do still to bring in the winter feed corn.

I guess I am not too busy.  It is all relative...

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