Saturday, October 25, 2014

Country Architecture

Our recent trip to Vermont gave me the opportunity to enjoy some of the old fashioned architecture and buildings in the country.

We came across a converted barn.  We think it was turned into offices.  What intrigued me was the cupola.

What a beauty.  This one was octagonal.

The next day I came across this cupola on a working barn.  The slate roof was a nice feature.

As you journey down the country roads you come across interesting buildings . . .

. . .  and even old-time general stores (this one is still the local post office and has a mechanical cash register)!

Of course there is the traditional covered bridge.

I came across these concrete pillars.  I knew what they were.  Any idea?

Here's a hint.  They are supports for a special building.  Here is an old version of one.

See how the building is set up off the ground.

This was a granary.  The building was set off the ground to keep rodents out of the grain.  The pillars were for a corn crib - keeping the corn off the ground also.

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