Sunday, December 1, 2013


We rush around.  Get up, make coffee, run to the dump, work out, clean the pellet stove ,get the mail, make dinner, start our Christmas preparations.  We run a similar pattern the next day.  Our energies are focused and directed.  We go to bed at night, feeling all was complete.

I was going out this morning to follow the same patterns.  I was bringing some boxes to the garage.

And then I saw them in snow . . .

Deer had been by in the night.  We had multiple set of tracks about the barn, following the creek, and then off through some thicket to their next haunt.  We aren't the only ones about who have thins to do!

I followed the deer track about.  Then I came across some prints from a crow . . .

I walked about the house and came across this hole by the foundation. I had seen a chipmunk scurrying about weeks ago.  Now, it is probably in its restless winter sleep.  It is well that they are sleeping, as this entrance will be covered with snow once we get the first big snow.

I hope you get a chance in this busy season to stop for a moment, look around, and see what the other creatures around us are doing this time of year.

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