Friday, October 4, 2013

Autumn Barns and Bridges

We took a little vacation last weekend down to Gettysburg.  We took the long way down, backroads, rolling hills, the changing seasons.

The leaves were really starting to change...

We came across a farm with a whimsically painted silo!

There were a wide variety of well-cared barns about the Gettysburg battlefields . . .

One of the most stately is the Maclean Barn.

I really like the way the doors are painted.  I also have seen this in Ohio.

 The Trostle Barn is very unique - it is built of brick (note the cannon ball hole in the gable end...).

We read about the Sachs Bridge.  With the assistance of a GPS, we were able to find it.  It is the most famous covered bridge in Pennsylvania.  It is quite picturesque.

And yet another stately barn.

The weather was perfect, as was the scenery.  It is good to just travel about and enjoy the simple views of countryside.

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