Sunday, September 15, 2013

Plaid Days

I took the red-eye back from Los Angeles.  It was nearly 90 degF and sunny every day I was there.  When I got off the plane back home, I was greeted with cool weather.  The toll keeper at the airport parking lot told me that there were flurries early that morning.

We started the pellet stove this morning to take the chill out of the house. I brewed a pot of coffee and enjoyed it with some pumpkin and spice creamer.

It is time to break out the plaid shirts.  I can feel the summer heat flowing away. I started to pull out the spent plants from the garden.  The tomato vines are withered.  I pulled out gallons of drops - most were starting to rot.  It was a bumper crop this year.  A few drops are not a concern.  We are still getting zucchini, peppers, and green beans.  The cool weather plants are coming strong - the spinach, collards and arugula.  The bees are furiously buzzing around the basil plants.  The shortening days mean they have to work even harder to get ready for winter.

I used four pallets to make a bin for the garden waste.  I don't like to put anything with seeds and heavy roots into the compost bins as the seeds seem to return the next year.  With the larger garden we started this year, the new bin will get full very quickly.

The leaves are starting to fall from the trees. The trees are starting to look tired - the vibrant green of summer is getting ready to change.  It won't be long before autumn starts - next week as the calendar predicts.

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