Saturday, June 1, 2013

All In

I guess gardening is like gambling.  You look at the odds, place your bets, see what you get.

We finished putting our plants into the vegetable beds last weekend.  Around these parts, we don't put our 'warm-weather' plants in until Memorial Day.

We expanded the garden this year.  We have about 200 square feet of beds.

We have potatoes (two varieties of red potatoes), carrots and garlic.

Green beans, spinach, herbs, bell peppers, scallions and hot peppers (red hot chili and cherry peppers).

Sugar snap peas, kale, basil (sweet and lemon), roma tomatoes.

Roma and golden pear tomatoes.

We also have thyme, lavender, sage and mint in various perennial beds.

We made our bet - we are now waiting to see how we did!

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