Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Goes On

The storms, snow, and winds of the past few days have disappeared.  Today broke sunny and calm.  I had a cup of coffee, and went cross country skiing.  The conditions were perfect.

It seems nature has shrugged of the snowstorm and continued about with its business.  The sun was out, and the sky is clear.

The snow has covered everything, but it is starting to melt in the bright sunlight.

The creek babbles along.  It will slowly rise as the sun melts the snow.

I noticed tracks all about the yard.  There is a cat that roams about.  They always sneak close to the barn and other outbuildings.

There must have been a regular deer 'party' last night.  I followed tracks coming from the north, they went around the barn, and over to the bird feeders.  The deer population must have really increased the last year.  I have never seen so many tracks as we have now.  We have stopped putting food in the feeders as the deer just empty them out.

The deer split into two groups.  One went to the east into the neighbor's property, . . .

. . . while the other group went up Spook Hill.

Things are back to normal around here.

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