Friday, February 1, 2013

Fin Fun

It is very cold outside.  18 degF, blustery snow and wind from the north. Brrrr!  Still, I needed to go to the workshop and spend some time making / fixing / cutting / drilling / carving / sanding / breaking something.

I continued on the pike carving.  Today, I worked on the pectoral and pelvic fins.

I started by making some templates for the fins.

I used the templates to create two pair of fins.  The fins are cut in 1/4 inch material.  I then cut the fins to expose 1/4 notches.

I drilled 1/4 holes into the body of the carving.  I rounded the notches and beveled the base of each fin.  Voila!

I did some trimming of the other fins and the tail.  Now onto the sanding.  I'll sand the body and tail, then move onto the fins.  Then I glue it together and go to paint.

It's getting there!

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