Sunday, January 6, 2013

Favorite Things

I need to update my bio on my blog. I am now the grandfather to two wonderful little girls!  The wife and I just got back from visiting the new grandchild.  It was so good to see the new baby.  I was really moved by all the love at my daughter's home.  It was magic!

We exchanged some Christmas gifts.  I got a gift from the oldest granddaughter that is my FAVORITE gift of the year!  More about that it in a moment . . .

We traveled back yesterday, and I was greeted by a pile of snow an ice on the porch.  Those areas of the roof without snow guards decided to leave me a present.

After shoveling for an hour and using the snow rake to knock back the big piles, it was time to come inside and dry off the old boots.

I realized that I had my LL Bean boots for 20 years now.  These are the best shoes I ever bought!  Where does the time go?  Maybe I can get another few years out of them . . .

Oh - as to my FAVORITE Christmas gift - it was a glass ornament of 'Beaner' boots!  Awesome!

It's already on the tree!  We'll be taking the tree down this week, but I can't wait to put it up next year and display this beauty!  Thanks Jula!

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