Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

I remember the first Earth Day back in 1970.  I was in elementary school.  We had a whole series of outside activities.  Our school system started a program called ECOS.  We spent a week each school year studying nature, collecting plants, learning outdoors skills, studying ecology.  I loved it.  I always likes being outside, seeing the wonder in nature.

I still love being outside watching nature.

The warm temperatures we have enjoyed these past weeks finally came to an end.  We had some highly welcomed rain yesterday, with more today.  The ground is dry, and the creek barely came up an inch.  We are expecting more rain tonight.  Excellent.

I put the tomato cages up in the new raised beds.

It will be some weeks before we can put them in.

I noticed the Knotweed is emerging!  It seems a few weeks later than previous years.  My guess is that it has been too dry.

I noticed that our female Holly bush was absolutely loaded with berries.  Maybe it was all the rain we got last year.  I'll need to watch what happens this year.

Keep watching nature and learning her lessons . . .

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