Sunday, July 3, 2011

To the Lake

I took Friday off from work, and decided to extend the holiday weekend.  I've been looking forward to a long paddle out to the lake.  I had the wife drop me off at the falls of the Otter.  I would paddle downstream the 8 miles to the lake, head over to the New York side of the lake, paddle back to Vermont side of the lake and camp and fish.

The falls are still running strong.

The Otter is smooth ad placid.  It was overcast - a blessing as it was very humid.

I came across a house by the river with tons of purple martin houses.

The river levels are dropping.  The old tow paths are now visible.  These are covered with ferns.

The stream banks are still flooded.

I took a brief detour into the hidden swamp.  I saw some blue herons off in the distance.  It was now noon, and the wildlife was laying low.

With the falling water, the lilies and arrowroot are now emerging from the muddy river bottom.

I came to the mouth of the Otter.  The broad lake beckons.

I headed to the Diamond Islands.  They are just a few piles of rocks with an automated lighthouse.

There is a small structure on the bigger island.

They are posted.  I would have loved to get out of my kayak and stretch my legs!

There is an Osprey nest on the light.  I wonder how the birds can sleep at night!

I looked south.  The lake was calm.  There was a light wind from the north.

I continued on to the western side of Lake Champlain.  The cliff faces can be seen miles away as light spots on the New York shoreline.  They rise up over hundreds of feet in this section of the lake.

The waterfalls of the spring have slowed to seeps and trickles.

I headed north, following the cliff face.

I am always amazed by the flowers and plants that find a hold in the rocks.

I headed back to the Vermont side of the lake.  I took a few moments to get my bearings. I then made the 2 mile paddle back across the lake.

I headed closer to my camp site.

There it is.  A gently sloping rocky ledge leading up to a wooded area.

I set up camp.

The next bay over was crowded with boats.  Here I was, away from the crowds.

The view from my tent.

I did some fishing.  The rocky ledges hold smallmouth bass.

I was hungry.  I went back to camp and cooked up some red beans and rice.

I relaxed by the camp.  It was still very humid.  I watched the sun move through the sky.  In time the sun started to set.  Though I was hot and tired, I needed to move about.

The sky over the Adirondacks was pink.

I went out on the lake.  It was beautiful.

The end of a long day.


Holly Knott said...

These are gorgeous shots! There's something about a photo that has the tip of a kayak in it - really makes you feel that the photographer was right there immersed in nature, and not on the bank or a dock peering "into" the scene. You're lucky to have such beauty to enjoy!

Uncle Tractor said...

Thanks Holly. It is nice to have such beauty around. You have a lot of nice scenery in the Finger Lakes also! Thanks for stopping by.