Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Day

Yesterday it was very muggy.  I cut the knotweed by the creek.  I was soaked in no time.

The threatening clouds were about.  In time, the rain and thunderstorms came in.  The front pushed through overnight.

Today is magnificent.  Cool winds from the north.  I went for a ride in the morning.  I really enjoy the wildflowers by the side of the road.  This time of year the tiger-lilies and chicory are in full glory.  As I rode along, the shoulders were beautiful.

I opted to do some climbs.  I went up and down a few hills.  Near the top of one road I came across this farmer's pond at the base of Buck Mountain.  What a nice view.

Thanks for stopping by.


~ Regan said...

ahh... your never ending struggle with knotweed. ;)

Love the pics!

Holly Knott said...

You cut the knotweed... We can commiserate. Tons of it in our woods and it's starting to creep up near the house. Roundup doesn't work. Our library was inundated with it and they brought out the National Guard (virtually!) and did all sorts of stuff and I believe it's still there. UGH!! It's pretty but too invasive!