Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got 'Em!

Okay -

If you are faint of heart, read no further.

If you have been following my posts about those sneaky red squirrels, you know that I surmised they were getting into the house.

The wife and I have been spending some time in Vermont.  We had set some traps recently.  Today, my nephew was checking on the place, and found a red squirrel had been caught (yes, I am trying to keep the details to a minimum).

Still don't know how they were getting in, but I strongly suspect there is a gap under the crawlspace on the old addition.  I'll have to find it once the snow is gone.

I ended up catching the red squirrel using a larger trap.  What I still ponder where the other smaller traps I set are . . .

Vigilate semper!


~ Regan said...


*sniff* I love squirrels. Although he shouldn't be in your house, it's such a shame it had to end that way. I guess being away you didn't have much choice.

Uncle Tractor said...

I don't really like to end their lives, but varmints in the house are always a bad idea. I don't need them chewing wiring and causing a fire. I have to figure out how they are getting in. That's what you get living in a 200+ year old house.