Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cabin Fever

We've had warm weather the last few days . . .

... but it didn't last.  I went bicycling the lasy two days.  I even washed my car.  Today we had highs of 20 degF with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour.   We decided to just go out and have a little road trip.

We drove down to the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, VT.  On the way, we stopped at one of our favorite taco places.  It has some of the best overstuffed burritos (sorry I didn't take a picture of the food - I was too focused on eating!).

It was a pretty drive.  The snow was just swirling around, though it would become a whiteout when the winds gusted very high.  We visited the Vermont Country Store and looked at their various unique and unusual items.

The trip back was slower.  The road conditions through the mountains were worse, but nothing too terrible.  I actually like driving in the snow.

Based on the weather forecasts, I don't expect to be cycling any time soon.  I guess we'll still have a few more weeks of winter.

I just wish it would stay warm and dry enough so I wouldn't have to wash the car again . . .


~ Regan said...

Oooh, I loved the big chicken taco at Taco Tacos. Is that pizza place still next door?
I think I spoke too soon about spring being near, dang it. We're getting snow + freezing rain right now.

Uncle Tractor said...

Sorry - The pizza place behind Tacos Tacos is gone. There are 4 pizza places in town. One is near the mountain road entrance to the ski slopes. There is a wood-fired place, as well as another nearby it. Down the road south of town is another pizza joint.

It was cold here last nite. The cold weather alarm went off at the farm. Nothing too serious - Jay went over and we figured out the problem. Have faith - Spring will be here soon! - Dad